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      Fringe @ BPS 


BrockusProjectDanceCompany is proud to be supported in part with a grant from LA County Board of Supervisors through a grant from the LA County Arts Commission and The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

This event is also made possible with the support of Le Lycee Francais de Los Angeles , KCRW and TV5Monde


Special Edition of LADF 2018 !! Kick off to the month of March

celebrating  Women’s History Month

Women Rising concerts March 1-32018

Featuring contemporary dance through the lens of the female choreographers. A “Service to the Field Award” will be given each night honoring a leader who has changed the landscape of dance in Los Angeles.

The celebration of Females in Dance in LA continues with

Master ClassesMarch 9-11

by leading women choreographers

Future is Female performances March 16 -17

featuring our future dance leaders

from college and youth programs

Fringe Performances and Classes 24/25

The month closes with a celebration of dances created by women

LA Weekly's  "pick of the year" 2016

Our Mission

To connect the community to high quality affordable dance concerts. 2017 we celebrate our 5th year of raising the visibility of contemporary dance in LA were audiences can enjoy a sampling of the work being created by Los Angeles based choreographers. Companies who perform all over the world gather for 7 nights of showcases at 2 venues this May


Dance in LA

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Were is LADF?

LA Dance Festival is housed in 3 major centers for contemporary dance in LA 

- Diavolo Space will hold the Fringe performances 

-Luckm,an Fine Arts Complex will house the Main Stage performances April 12-14, 2019

- BrockusProjectStudios (BPS) will hold the classes

Located in Downtown LA at the Brewery Arts Complex the two sites are around the corner from each other.


LA Weeky's  "pick of the year" 2016

Los Angeles Dance Festival ( LADF)  is a celebration of the contemporary dance community in LA. LADF #5 will be held April 29-May21, 2017 and is jam packed with dance classes and performances of 45 LA’s top dance companies represented. LADF features award winning dancers and choreographers with companies who have toured the world.

LADF features top talent in the dance scene who are recognized locally, nationally and internationally.  The dancers and choreographers in LADF work in both the concert and Hollywood industry. Their work is onstage around the world and in feature films, tv shows, music videos, commercials and music tours. LADF is produced by Brockus Project, under the direction of Deborah Brockus. Ms. Brockus is the producer of numerous dance showcases including the Spectrum Dance in LA series.

WHERE: 2019

Main Stage Performances will be at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex

on the campus of Cal State LA 5151 State Univ Drive, LA 90032
Fringe Performances and Classes will be held at Brockus Project Studios in The Brewery Arts Complex, the largest arts community on the West Coast. Located just northeast of Downtown Los Angeles.

618 b Moulton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA  90031.

LADF is produced by Brockus Project Dance Company

Directed by Deborah Brockus

a part of the Dance in LA series of productions

co-produced in 2017 with Theater Raymond Kabbaz

Come take class with these  choreographers at BPS

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