Pony Box Dance Theatre

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Performing Friday

Urban/ Eclectic Contemporary


Entity Contemporary Dance

Lula Washington Dance Theatre

Lux Aeterna Dance Company


Pony Box Dance Theater

Akomi Dance

                        produced by Brockus & co-produced in 2017 with Theater Raymond Kabbaz



Performing 5/12 Friday

Class 5/20 11:30-12:45

Lux Aeterna Dance Company

Performing Friday

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Cat Cogliandro, born and raised in Houston, Texas, received her BFA in Dance from SUNY Purchase and since then, has worked with choreographers such as Cherice Barton, Al Blackstone, Tyce Diorio, Mike Esperanza, Jason Gorman,  Juliette Irons, Sonya Tayeh, Teddy Tedholm, Jaci Royal and Andrew Winghart. She was one of the featured "From Stage to Studio" teachers in Dance Teacher Magazine (Dec 2014), was named one of Dance Spirit Magazine's "Fresh Voices: 13 of the Dance World's Hottest Young Choreographers" (Nov 2014) and was one of the featured "Dancers With Degrees" in Dance Spirit Magazine (Sept 2015). Cat can be seen dancing in The Neighbourhood music video, "R.I.P. 2 My Youth”, directed by Hype Williams and supervising choreographer, Ian Eastwood, and the movie “Supporting Characters” directed by Daniel Schechter. Cat was one of ten choreographers chosen to compete on the first season of Nigel Lythgoe’s new competitive choreographer show, Every Single Step, on Verizon’s Go90 app. She is currently on faculty at The Edge in Los Angeles and Movement Lifestyle, and guest teaches at studios such as Broadway Dance Center, Millennium Dance Complex (LA and Pittsburgh) and Peridance, along with Celebrity Dance Convention. Her work has been presented at multiple venues in New York City and Los Angeles, including shows such as Carnival, Club Jete, Dancin’ Downtown at The Joyce, The Young Choreographers Festival and The Pulse on Tour, where she choreographed the closing number (2014) and the Start to Stage Track 2 (2015). Her company, CATASTROPHE!, placed 2nd Runner Up at the 2015 Capezio A.C.E. Awards, and are now working on creating their full length show and traveling workshop. 

We are a dance company that celebrates imaginations and individuality, promote positive self-worth and love and advocate for healthy, age appropriate, training for the youth. We believe in creating stories fully inspired by music and our own catastrophic experiences. (Put on your party hat! This one’s for you.) 


Jacob "Kujo" Lyons
Artistic Director & Choreographer
Lux Aeterna Dance Company

Lux Aeterna has performed or worked in India, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Panama, and the Netherlands. Kujo has performed/taught/competed/judged in over 40 countries.

Lux blends urban dance with contemporary circus theater in a way that nobody else does, anywhere
Jacob “Kujo” Lyons has 25 years of experience in the performing arts, as a b-boy, choreographer, aerialist, and Chinese pole acrobat. Almost entirely self-taught (and almost entirely deaf), he regularly travels worldwide to perform in circus and theater, teach workshops and seminars, and judge b-boy competitions. His choreography has earned him numerous awards, and has been called “drop-dead awesome” by the LA Times.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXKqaXb8tcs -
demo reel



Performing Friday

Class 5/21 1:00-2:15

Entity Contemporary Dance

Performing 5/12 Friday

Class 5/6 1:00-2:15

Lula Washington Dance Theatre will present choreographic works from the company's 37 years of repertory. Lula Washington, the founder and artistic director, will present an excerpt from her newest work to the music of Earth, Wind & Fire, "Open Your Eyes" on Friday, May 5.

The Lula Washington Dance Theatre is celebrating its 36th Anniversary in Los Angeles.  The company has toured in China, Russia, Brazil, Gremany, Canada, Mexico and across the United States.  It performs works that tell stories and dig into African-American history and culture.  Lula Washington is the primary choreographer. Her work often explores issues of contemproary social justice, such as unjust poilce shooting of black boys.  Lula augments her work with repertory by her daughter, Tamica Washington-Miller, and by legends of dance including Rennie Harris, Donald McKayle, Donaly Byrd, Katherine Dunham, and Christoper Huggins.  The company oftern tours with its own house jazz band led by Marcus L Miller.  Recently Lula Washigton Dance Theatre teamed with Lula's nephew, Kamasi Washington, for a joint concert at the Smith Center in Las Vegas.  The company owns its own Dance Center on Crenshaw Boulevard in South Los Angeles were it has five studios. the company  provides training year round for inner city youth, some of whom perform in Lula's Youth Dance Ensemble and some continue into the main company.


Lula Washington  Dance Theatre

Performing 5/12 Friday

Class   5/21 2:30-3:30

Audition 5/21 3:20-4:15

BROCKUS RED is a contemporary jazz dance company with award winning choreography that ranges from Social comentary to pure entertainment.  RED delights audiences of all levels of dance exposure, from just pure fun to engaging and thoughtful artistic contemporary works. RED dancers are some of the top professionals in Los Angeles with astonishing technical skills and a love of performing that is captivating. BrockusRED has enthralled audiences across the USA and in Europe with our energetic blend of technical jazz,modern and contemporary style of dance. Tours in the past have been to Rhode Island, Utah, Oregon, Florida, New York, Michigan and France. An athletic technical style blending the power of modern technique with the high energy and dynamics of jazz dance.  Fun and sweaty.

BrockusRED has performed numerous festivals in Southern California and at has also been seen locally at the Alex Theater, Luckman Theater, Palmdale Playhouse, McCallum Theater, Redlands Bowl, Laguna Dance Festival, Pepperdine University, Goldenwest College, Glendale Community College, LATC, CSU-Long Beach, Glendale Community College and CSU-Northridge.  

BrockusRED features the dynamic and varied work of Deborah Brockus. As both a dancer and choreographer, Brockus has worked nationally and internationally on stage, in film and television.  She has received awards for both her teaching and choreography.

Additionally, Deborah Brockus is the producer of the Los Angeles Dance Festiva, and the showcases  Dance/BACK, Voices, and the  director of BPStudios rehearsal space for dance.

Artistic director, Deborah Brockus has made her mark in many ways in the dance field of Southern California. She is a dancer, choreographer, showcase producer, teacher, studio owner and pre-professional school director.

Deborah Brockus has been labeled ‘the single most important person in Southland dance” an “impresario”, ‘ the mother superior of LA dance” and ”tireless” by the Los Angles Times for her involvement in establishing the local dance scene as a producer, choreographer, teacher.  “Followers of L.A.’s modern-dance scene know that, when it comes to talent Deborah Brockus is a big name, with a great company (Brockus Project Dance Company) and a keen eye for talent” City Beat.  She is the artistic director of Brockus Project Dance Company founded in 1991, now performing under the name BrockusRED. Her choreographic style blurs the line between modern and jazz techniques, reflecting both European influences and East and West Coast training. 



AkomiDance is made up of a small and motivated team of artists and entrepreneurs who have come together to create the newest force in the dance community as one of Orange County’s premier companies.

The dynamic, athletic dancers that make up AkomiDance bring virtuosic expertise in all genres of dance including ballet, modern, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop and ethnic dance forms.

The Directors of AkomiDance embrace both change and diversity, and aspire to maintain a company that is ever evolving and enduring, creating works that inspire passion and exuberance among our dancers and audiences.

Orange County based choreographer and AkomiDance Co-Director, Anthony Aceves is the product of a Hispanic-American family of musicians and singers.  A natural born performer, Anthony began as a stage actor before moving on to international commercials.  Aceves has been receiving accolades for his choreographic, directorial and production skills since high school for his work with competition dance ensembles, dance teams and musical theatre productions.  Following graduation, Anthony began working for the Disneyland Resort as a dancer in parades, special events and music videos.  In 2014, Aceves traveled to New York City to work with Gary Goddard, Brian Singer, and Tony-nominated choreographer, Sergio Trujillo on their theatrical attraction, Broadway 4D.  2015 saw his return to SoCal and his third consecutive year with Suzy Miller and Dance Excellence.  He also began dancing with Marie Hoffman, resulting in two awards at the New Prague Dance Festival.  Most recently, their collaboration has resulted in the founding of the Orange County Dance Festival.  For more than half of his life, Anthony has been dedicated to the viability of the ever-evolving culture of contemporary dance; he has a great respect for the technical artists in this realm and trains alongside them weekly in ballet with Reid Olsen.  He continues to educate young talent at studios, arts conservatories, and high schools, expressing the importance of mind/body health.  Anthony Aceves believes that art is ever evolving and strives to develop and nurture relationships with fellow artists in the community.

Marie Hoffman, Co-Artistic Director of Akomi Dance, has been a driving force in the Southern California dance community since her arrival 17 years ago. She has spent a lifetime studying classical and contemporary ballet along with multiple methods of modern dance.  Her pedigree spans 30+ years of educational training and professional performance experience.  Her work has been showcased, adjudicated, and honored domestically and abroad. Ms. Hoffman has been recognized by the Huntington Beach Allied Arts Board and by the Orange County Music and Arts Administrators for her outstanding contributions to dance education.  Her career in the dance profession brings her constant fulfillment and her work with her dancers is what defines her as an individual.

Marie Hoffman received her BA in Dance from Radford University, and her MFA in Choreography and Performance from the University of North Carolina. While working in North Carolina as a teacher and performer, Marie choreographed for numerous community theater organizations. Some of her credits include: “West Side Story,” “Crazy For You,” and “My Fair Lady.” Marie relocated to Southern California in 2000 and founded the Accidental Dance Company. Her work with this group of dancers was awarded the Virginia Waring Grand Prize at the Dance Under the Stars Choreography Festival in 2001. Ms. Hoffman’s work has been showcased in the SOLA Festival, in the New Perspectives High School Invitational, in the Youth America Grand Prix, in the Dance Under the Stars Choreography Festival, at the American College Dance Festival, and in numerous faculty concerts at Cypress College, Irvine Valley College, Moorpark College and Huntington Beach High School. She has accompanied her dancers to Cape Town, South Africa, where they performed in three separate venues to sold out audiences. In November 2008, Marie’s work was again awarded the Grand Prize at the Dance Under the Stars Choreography Festival in Palm Desert, CA. In Summer 2008, she traveled to Edinburgh with her dancers to participate in the renowned Festival Fringe.  Ms. Hoffman and her dancers have participated in the New Prague Dance Festival four times, taking the Grishko International Award, two Contemporary Dance Commendations, and ultimately the Festival Grand Prize.  In addition, Marie was awarded the Pedagogy of Dance Award for her contributions to dance education.

Company website - akomidance.com

Company Facebook - www.facebook.com/AkomiDance/

Pony Box Dance Theatre

Jamie Carbetta Hammond began making dances for the neighborhood children at the age of 5 to her dad’s Shirley Bassey records, gradually morphed into a light theatre ingénue before earning her MFA in dance at University of California, Irvine in 2000.  As a dancer she performed nationally and internationally, touring the US and Japan.   Jamie has had the honor of receiving numerous grants, from the National Museum of Dance, Arts Council for Long Beach, California Arts Council, Los Angeles County Arts Commission, Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles, Center for Cultural Innovation, the Annenberg Foundation and University of California, Irvine. Her work has been performed in Japan, Ohio, New York, Washington and California.   In 2012, Jamie founded Pony Box Dance Theatre, a contemporary, all male dance company integrating visual art, theater and original scores committed to bringing the joy of dance to everyone.
Pony Box is the only all male contemporary troupe in LA





Performing 5/12 Friday

Class  No Class

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Founded in 2009 in Irvine, CA, Entity Contemporary Dance is a professional dance company led by artistic directors Will Johnston and Marissa Osato. Fusing contemporary, modern, jazz, and hip hop dance techniques to present imaginative, dynamic repertory, Entity Contemporary Dance has performed in numerous dance festivals, benefit shows, and industry showcases all over California, and was a finalist for the prestigious McCallum Theatre Choreography Festival in Palm Desert, CA for five years. The company currently holds residency at EDGE Performing Arts Center in Hollywood, CA and hosts open company class there every Wednesday evening. Entity Contemporary Dance’s newest evening length work, PEEL, premiered in Los Angeles in June 2016 and debuted internationally in Singapore and Hong Kong last September. Entity Contemporary Dance will be premiering a reworked version of PEEL in Los Angeles and San Francisco this summer, as well as hosting its second annual summer intensive.
Places performed outside of CA include  Singapore and Hong Kong
Our movement comes from a fusion of foundational elements of ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, and hip hop techniques

Company website: www.entitycontemporarydance.com

Company Facebook page: Entity Contemporary Dance (https://www.facebook.com/entitycontemporarydance/)

Company Instagram: @entitycontemporarydance

Company Twitter: @entitydance