Get a taste of LA Dance sampler style

The LA Dance Scene is vibrant and is actively followed by dancers

The LA Dance is infused with an infectious energy and creativity

Blends of styles blurring the lines to create a new wave in dance

Companies from past LADF performances

LA - home to the creation of modern dance 100 years ago and the birth of jazz dance is now at it again creating and innovating in the art of dance


Touring with 10-16 dancers (depending on your choices)

Choreographer/ director

Technical Director

Includes Master Classes from some of the most sought after teachers in LA for college level / pre-professional and community students.

Contact : Deborah Brockus for booking information


Don't know the companies or choreographers?

LADF OnTour is a great way to introduce your community to a range of choreography from LA all in one show

                        produced by Brockus